Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010


Spirit Catcher – Partners in Crime (Systematic)

The two Belgian funkymen known as Spirit Catcher have committed a crime. Which one you ask? Well, none other than releasing some outrageously funky grooves in form of their latest album “Partners in Crime“. And maybe not really reinventing themselves since „Voodoo Knight“. But who cares when the formula adds up? Saucy club bangers, minimalistically progressing beats, only one vocal track (“No Way Out“), driving deep house on the proved single “Sedona“, an Isley Brothers sample on “Special Dimension“ and a few slower tracks (“Under Elvis“) are enough for a synth extravaganza of great proportions. Verdict: Guilty but groovy!

Sei A – White Rainbow (Turbo)

Sei A’s “White Rainbow“, a follow-up to his 2009 album “Editing Shadows“ on the French label Missive, takes us on a colourless, melodyblind and crude journey across distorted beat landscapes and mechanic tact aesthetics. Tracks like “Flicker“, “Little One Song“, “Flylo“ or “Out of Reason“ are gloomy musical fantasies, but nevertheless achieve to evoke a distinct sample-based and vocal-filled groove that might very well work on dusty dancefloors. The latter half of the album attracts with a number of softer and melancholic tunes (especially the outro “Meth II“). This release on Tiga’s label needs getting used to, but after a while develops into a decent album.

Various Artists – Tirk03 (Tirk)

Nasty voices would say this is the kind of music to listen to whilst sipping on your expensive cocktail. But we don’t, and instead call it a great record with vast influences from 70’s disco to spliffy dub, from harmonic deep house to psychedelic electronic rock – Richard Norris Time and Space Machine sounding a bit like The Chemical Brothers with their classic “Dig Your Own Hole“. Besides, a great funky vocal-led groove by Sam Annad aka Architeq, a slow disco rework of “Sugar“ by The Love Supreme (still not better than the original), and dubby electronic rhythms introducing the London-based Skintologists. Nice one.


Aus: Electronic Beats, Dezember 2010 – März 2011

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