Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2010


Red Rack’em – The Early Years LP (Bergerac)

Gilles Peterson has found another perfect beat in the work of Red Rack’em. The Scotsman’s debut album, released through his own label Bergerac, explains acoustically why this comes as no surprise. The fourteen house tunes, consisting of new and old material (including “Picnic”), all manage to conjure up a distinct melodic groove, complex enough to sense the deep worship of soulfulness in every inch, and simple enough to decide on time which part of the body to move next to it. Blistering Barnacles, more of that stuff!

Matthew Dear – Black City LP (Ghostly International)

Michigan-based label Ghostly International defines its output as avant-pop, music of electronic means and pop methodology. Dear’s latest, a follow-up to the 2007 album Asa Breed, fits right into this branch. It accommodates well conceptualized, mostly easygoing drumbeats with Dear’s cranky vocals and the 80’s. Even more interesting than the music is the marketing. Ghostly brings back the physical product with the totem, an art object designed by Boym Partners epitomizing the Black City conceived by Matthew Dear, and including a code to download the album.


Aus: Electronic Beats, September – November 2010

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